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we recognize the importance of client communications

The Engage Process

Created by professionals with years of experience in data analysis and web development

At Engage we recognize the importance of client communications. Businesses, and other organisations carrying out market research, community consultations and other vital functions need to respond rapidly to opportunities as they arise.

That’s why we’ve made Engage simple and quick to operate. A typical Engage project runs like this:

Step One

Use our powerful online map-based search queries to define the area and identify the people that you want to engage with. Whether you need to survey people within a given area, nearest neighbours, addresses within a certain distance of a project or if you require a multiple area search, Engage can do it all quickly and without any fuss. Once your search parameters have been defined Engage will provide you with a list of target addresses in seconds. What could be simpler?

Step Two

Identifying your target audience is only the first step in the process, they still need to hear your message. Engage is a powerful direct mailing tool which, combined with Step One, allows you to create and distribute custom mailing materials within the Application.

With Engage, you simply upload your materials and they are mailed directly to the addresses identified in Step One. Engage makes direct mailing more rapid and responsive than it has ever been - your message will be in your target mailboxes tomorrow.

Step Three

If you need a custom website to promote your message Engage does that too. Just choose one of our elegant templates, upload your text and images and have your website online in minutes.

Step Four

When you need to invite people to take part in an online survey, Engage can be configured to ensure either the widest or the most focused level of participation, according to your needs.

Engage can link the target addresses identified in Step One to specific invitation IDs, unique to each location, which ensure that only the people you want to engage with can participate.

Alternatively Engage can leave your survey open to the General Public, or use our powerful postcode search tool to identify the location of survey respondents.

Whatever you choose, your survey will be live and online within minutes and you can track the progress of your survey in real time. When your survey is completed, we will provide a detailed analytical report using a range of descriptive statistical methodologies. If you require something more advanced we will supply statistical analysis of your survey data tailored and packaged to your specific requirements.

Quite simply, Engage is the most powerful tool available on the market today for getting your message out quickly, maximizing survey participation and ensuring that data are collected only from the people you need to engage with. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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