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Engage With Us

How Can Engage Help You?

We take care of the hard work for you

Engage is a simple platform with an endless variety of uses for any industry, from direct mailing, market research, opinion polling to public consultation, Engage does it all quickly and affordably.

Our clients can choose from one or all of our core products to find a solution tailored to them. Clients can choose from our range of core products to construct the optimum solution.

Using Engage you can:

  • Identify the people you need to engage with map-based search queries
  • Notify your target audience of your product, consultation or event using our intergrated direct mailing tools
  • Design and publish a custom built website in minutes with our integrated, easy-to-use templates
  • Carry out powerful online surveys to gauge the opinion of the people you need to engage with

What’s more, Engage is so simple to operate that it can be used by anyone and without any formal training. There are no licensing fees or expensive hardware. You can use Engage from any computer with a web connection.

Alternatively, we can work with you to develop a bespoke service, tailored to your precise requirements. One of our experienced data analysts can visit you in your offices to assist you with the design, implementation and analysis of your surveys.

With Engage you can ensure that your surveys are either limited to your precise target audience (the people you choose to invite), or open to the General Public. Click through to our next page for examples of each stage in the Engage process.

Best of all, by combining all these functions into a simple easy to use package, your organisation will be more responsive and efficient and will save thousands of pounds by doing away with the time and money spent on assembling and managing external teams to carry out any of our multiple functions.

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Don’t just take our word for it, the following leading companies and NGO’s have used Engage to target the people they needed to talk to, quickly, easily and without fuss.

  • Price Waterhouse Cooper
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corbo Properties
  • Protect our North Coast

Engage With Us